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Despite regularly being featured on chat shows, the transgendered are among the most misunderstood people in our community. This collection of writings gives an insight into the discrete world of transvestites and transsexuals.
It reveals their fears, guilt and compulsions, whilst also considering the impact they have on others – families, friends, colleagues, employers and those in authority. An essential guide for anyone considering setting out on the transsexual road, it provides a much neededdash of reality based on a combination of direct experience and careful observation. This is a 'why' book – and a 'what' to do about itvolume.

The book is divided into four main sections.

Section one is all about transvestism, and presents a series of articles concerning the syndrome and its impact on the TV and all those around him. Includes a piece about the potential loneliness of the single TV, and what to do about it.

Section two overviews TVism and TSism, and the various types of crossdressing with their associated (and sometimes unusual) gender behaviours.

Section three is devoted to advisory articles or relevance to both TVs and TSs. There is practical advice on coming to terms with oneself, fitting room protocol in shops and how to improve the female voice. This section is relevant to all who venture out ‘dressed’.

Section four is much more specific to and for transsexuals. It includes an excellent informal guide for parents, how and where to go for GRS plus Dr. Russell Reid answers the most frequently asked questions.