Power Up Penis Pump

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The Power Up penis pump is in a league of its own - crafted along the same lines as the models that professional erotic artists use, and it contains all of the features that you'll need to chart your progress and make yourself a proper improvement plan for your old chap.

Simply lube yourself up (to make an easier seal and protect your delicate skin) and slip the clear seven inch graduated chamber over you. Make a note of the length of your penis within the chamber.

Now gradually apply pressure, a little at a time, until you can feel your penis being pulled straight as blood rushes into it, giving you a strong erection. Record the length again, and use the quality engineered pressure gauge to record the vacuum level.

We recommend starting off very slowly with this powerful pump, so initially use just enough pressure to create the erection and work up to stronger vacuums slowly.

The kit also comes with a cock ring - if you slip this on as soon as you take the pump away, it will stop the blood from leaving your penis and help you maintain the erection for up to four times as long as usual - ideal if you're looking to share it with your partner!