Cheeky Wash Expandable Wipes

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The Cheeky Wash Expandable Wipes, available in packs of 4 and 9, are amazing. Each is compressed to about the size of a stack of 4 x 1p coins and looks like a chunky tablet. As such they are incredibly handy and portable and can be used for any cleaning purpose. Watch in amazement when you add a few drops of Cheeky Wash to your expandable wipe. The wipe grows and unfolds to produce a very generous 30cm x 22cm durable, soapy cloth.

Take your Cheeky Wash and Expandable Wipes with you anywhere, or keep in the home, car, shed or garage. The uses are endless. The magical way the wipes expand on contact with liquid makes it like a new, must have gadget and we think it